Humble beginnings

It all starts back in 2016, when I visited San Diego for the first time. I'm from Minnesota where the winters are extremely long and the ocean is out of site, out of mind.

4 years and many trips to California later, I found myself driving across the country to live in the place I now call home.There was something about the ocean that always captivated my mind, and made me wonder...

How could I help? I had a background in business, but it wasn't until I looked at my own background, that I realized a unique way that I could make a difference.I realized that a majority of people that don't live close to the ocean really aren't aware of the level of endangerment and constant battle for the preservation of marine life. My goal was to set out and gather as much attention to this issue as I could.

We are doing this now by spreading the awareness and message through our clothing.


We are doing the work for marine life organizations by building a community around our coastal inspired clothing and artwork.

Only as a community is it possible to donate a portion of our proceeds to these organizations.

On a quarterly basis we donate 10% of the net profit of all sales. Additionally, we set up pop up stands all over Southern California, raising awareness.

We participate in beach cleanups. Right now we are working with a few organizations and we plan to work with more as time goes on. Raising awareness not only in California, but more importantly, inland. 

There is a big sense of purpose in this project and we are endlessly happy and grateful to share this journey to make a better planet with all of you.

 - Sam, Founder of Ocean Works