Spring at the Shore: Ocean Works Spring Line Has Arrived!

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Spring at the Shore: Ocean Works Spring Line Has Arrived!
Warmer weather in the northern hemisphere brings a “wave” of changes to the oceanside climate. Out on the west coast of California, the grunion fish scampers onto dry land to lay eggs that will eventually become the next generation.
As May approaches, magnificent sea turtles follow in the wake of these industrious fish, leaving eggs of their own behind in the sand. Kelp forests eagerly soak up the bright spring sun, enriching the tidal ecosystem in a lush aquatic palette of swaying green.
And humans? Well, they may not seek out the sand for the same reasons as grunion or sea turtles, but they’re just as eager as kelp to soak up sun by the bay. Spending time on your tan means looking your best - and thankfully, Ocean Works has everything you’ll need to make it happen. We’re excited to bring our our brand new spring collection, an awesome art collab with Australian graphic designer Daawaii.
Beachy Tees + Spring Breezes
Your favorite tee should be just like a perfect day at the beach in springtime - cool, comfortable, and a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Ocean Works’ Spring Line features our whimsical Travel Buddies Tee - a short-sleeved tribute to a BFF pairing of a smiling seahorse and a fun-loving hermit crab. The front of the tee features our stylish Ocean Works logo, and the back offers a larger, playful graphic of this terrific twosome scampering across the ocean floor.
This year for 2021, we’ve continued the theme into a second shirt design, this time in long sleeves. Our long-sleeve tee style is ideal for beachcombers looking to cover up against chilly early spring weather on the dunes. (It can also help shield the skin from UV rays before “sunblock season” is in full gear.) Our Groovin In Paradise Long Sleeve Tee shows off some Florida natives - a smiling sea turtle and a pair of rambunctious flamingos - catching rays by the waves!
You: 1, Mermaids: 0
While the mythical mermaid may be able to glide through the waters with ease, she’ll never know comfort quite like our Ocean Works High Waisted Yoga Leggings. These sleek, easy-to-love leggings fit like a second skin, and feature a stylish allover pattern of our Ocean Works logo on the waistband. Perfect for cozy work-from-home days or evening strolls along the water, these sea-themed bottoms are so lightweight and smooth, you’ll never want to trade them out for “real” pants again.
And hey, the good news doesn’t stop there: your perfect spring look isn’t just comfortable and fashionable, it’s eco-conscious, too. That’s because 10% of every purchase at OceanWorks.org, including our fresh and fun new spring collection, is donated to worthy ocean-centric charities. Look good, feel good, and do good: it’s easy when you “go with the flow” and order from us!

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