Ocean Works Beach Cleanups


At Ocean Works we believe that marine life and plastic pollution are corelated. Because of this, we host sponsored beach cleanups throughout Southern California.


 Being involved in something like a cleanup as a business/organization improves reputation and visibility in the local marketplace and increases employee retention among many other things.

Through our beach cleanups we help our communities understand the impacts of our throwaway society and a convenience culture built on single-use plastics. An estimated 10 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean each year, the equivalent of one garbage truck load per minute. While we cannot clean ourselves out of the plastic pollution pandemic, our beach cleanups serve to raise awareness and inspire individuals to adopt upstream solutions to stop plastic waste at the source, primarily through everyday consumer choices and legislative advocacy.




Cleanups are scheduled once a sponsor is found for the cleanup. Our team now has the capacity to host 1 per week(please see calendar below. If it's a Sunday that's not available that means it is booked) Please click an available date and fill out our short form below. At that point we will reach out to you to finalize dates and accept payment.


**If you have a different date in mind that's not available on our calendar, please contact us**


For any questions or more information contact our team support@oceanworksco.com




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