The Inspiration Behind Ocean Works

Every great story has a beginning, and ours started in Minnesota. In 2020, Sam Polesak was inspired by his grandfather, a talented artist who crafted beautiful pieces of artwork from ocean shells. This deep-rooted connection to the sea led Sam to embark on a journey from the coldness of Minnesota to the shores of San Diego, birthing Ocean Works.

Humble Beginnings

In our early days, you'd find Sam on the beach, offering cozy sweatshirts to those looking for warmth during the cool coastal evenings. It wasn't just a sweatshirt; it was a piece of the ocean, a memory of the sunset, and a reflection of the coast's soft, pastel colors. The love for these sweatshirts grew, and so did Ocean Works.

Our Passion

Driven by a profound love for marine life and the mesmerizing faded colors of the coast, Ocean Works is more than just a brand. It's a feeling, a lifestyle, and a tribute to marine life and the ocean. Our clothing line, infused with soft and faded shades reminiscent of sunsets and sea waves, is a testament to Sam's passion.

Where We Are Now

Today, Ocean Works has blossomed into a bigger family. While our heart remains on the beach, we've expanded our horizons, reaching out to fellow coastal enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking a comfortable layer for a day at the beach or something to shield you from the evening coastal breeze, we've got you covered. Explore our selection and let the clothing show your support for our marine life.