The Basics

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Discover the essence of coastal living with Ocean Works, your premier destination for pastel clothing and sustainable women's wear. In our Basics Collection, we offer a delightful palette of pastel outfits, from soft zip-up hoodies and pastel sweatshirts to eco-friendly leggings. Every piece promises unparalleled comfort, designed with a natural clothing style that blends effortlessly with your beach lifestyle. 

Our men's beach clothing is as smooth as the ocean tide, featuring super soft sweatshirts and soft long sleeve shirts for the cool beachside nights. Ladies, wonder no more what to wear to the beach, even in winter, as our casual beach wear range offers an array of cute clothes for the beach, pastel tees, and pastel pink, blue, and purple sweaters. 

Not only do we offer the best in minimalist clothing brands, but our products also stand by our mission to save marine life and keep the oceans clean. Our 'Save the Sea' and 'Save the Ocean' shirts echo this commitment. How to clean seashells from the ocean, you may wonder? Our clothing encourages such a lifestyle! 

At Ocean Works, we believe that life's a beach, so let's dress like it. Shop with us for your Siesta beach sweatshirt, women's beach clothing, and men's beach wear needs. Let's protect our oceans together, one piece of clothing at a time